Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Photos I don't want to see

I just did a photo shoot last night that I've been doing for three years now. It's easy, somewhat boring, and high paying. Shooting photos of local community members presenting scholarships to high school students is pretty easy. You have your American flag and green drapery background. Other than that you just have to position the people so the bad edge of the background (brick wall and advertisement board) doesn't show. Doing a shoot like this is cake. But who does the photos that show up on the side of the Internet sites I visit? I'd like to know so I could punch them in the face. I don't want to see this
when I'm trying to compose an important email. Jeez! The middle shot looks like something from a Tool video. The top one looks like some kind of child molester. If I become a paid photographer, will I do shots like this for money? Probably, but I won't like it.
Here's another one I can't stand: The fat man/woman mid-section shot. This is always accompanied by a diet pill ad. I find this repulsive. I don't want to see it early in the morning when I'm drinking coffee and checking out the weather online.

Sidebar photos need to be of things I want to see. Like this:

ahhh... sushi. Now that's pretty.

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kal said...

few food look more beautiful/artistic than sushi.