Thursday, December 07, 2006

Out In Space

It's cold. Probably back when I posted last it was still kind of warm- considering that was going on two months ago. A lot has happened. Nothing bad- all good. Let's see: Quit racing bikes (very happy about that), Got a puppy (also very good), Put on a surprise party for Leslie's 30th B-Day (Perfect), Bought a bunch of new hunting stuff (cool) Put up Christmas lights on my house for the first time while having a conversation with some witnesses of Jahova (ironic), Played in the snow until I was sick (you don't get the chance to play in that much snow around here every year). Lots of stuff and more. Quitting bike racing is great. I think a lot more people would do it if they had the balls. I think a lot of people are hanger-ons. You know, "I don't want to ride or race, but I can't seem to stop." I was just like, "I don't want to do this anymore, so I'm not going to." Racing and riding has been fun. Now I'm looking forward to other interests I've put on the back burner for years.