Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A ghost is born.

Sometimes you can't get mad at kids for the weird things they do in class. When I looked up from my computer I saw a student holding up this little sign like he was advertising a new show coming to Broadway. "Bring that here!" He sat down and tore it in half and wadded it up. "No, no, no. Bring it here." He reluctantly brought it to me and waited as I ironed it out and pieced it back together. As I started laughing all I could say was, "Go sit down."

Monday, January 29, 2007


I got a response. The teacher approached me and asked if I was the "prankster". "What do you mean?" "I mean are you the funny guy who keeps putting things on the door that fall in on me when I open it?" "Someone did that to you?" She was on to me, but I continued to play it off. Since then I have come clean on that. Speaking of clean, I also started messing with one of our custodians. He's a real nice guy and a lot of people give him a hard time. I knew he wouldn't mind if I took his plunger from his cleaning cart the other day while he was in one of the other bathrooms cleaning and stuck it to the inside of the opposing stall. That was a pretty spontaneous one that cracked me up pretty good. The next morning he asked me, "Did you have a good time playing with my plunger?"
I think winter needs to end...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Keeping Myself Entertained

It's really winter here and there's not much to do. It's cold and the ground is covered with ice and snow. It's not usually like that around here. It's been keeping me in more than I'm used to and more than I can take. So I'm finding new ways of entaining myself. Mostly by pulling pranks at work.
One of the other teachers here who works on the third floor like me has two doors that go into her room. One main enterance and one back door that is connected to a small supply room and another door leading to yet another classroom. I use that small room to cook stuff in the microwave that is in there. Always there is all kinds of stuff laying around- mostly stuff for projects and supplies for experiments. So everytime I go in the small room to use the microwave I take the two or three minutes it takes to heat my food or water to place something against the door that will fall on the first person who comes through the door of the other classroom. The first time I leaned two brooms against the door and never heard what happend. Then I started leaning other stuff against the door. I never heard anything about the result. No one complained. So I started placing items on the handle of the door opposite the side of the classroom- plastic jars that would make a bunch of noise, books, whatever I could find in there. Still no response. Yesterday, I placed this huge beachball thing hanging on a string right in front of the door so when the door opened it would swing in and attack the person opening the door. Finally this moring