Friday, October 26, 2007

Good Beers

I love beer. Let's just get that right out there. I don't like Bud or any of that crap. I mean real beer. Beer that you don't drink more than about 3 or 4 of without feeling like you just ate a 5 pound and the grissle. Here's one that's been my favorite for a while now. Here's what the maker of the beer says:
Pyramid India Pale Ale has the distinctively hoppy flavor and aroma craft beer enthusiasts demand. Abundant helpings of Columbus hops gives this ale an astonishing 67 IBU's - truly a beer for bold tastes! The distinguished Celebrator Beer News aptly named this brew "hophead nectar" (June/July issue, 1998). Original Gravity: 16.7Alcohol By Volume: 6.70%Malts: 2-Row Barley, Munich, Caramel, CarapilsHops: TomahawkAvailability: Year RoundBest Paired With: Fish, BBQ and all things hot n' spicy.
But with cooler weather being here you have to try some of Sam Adams Double Bock. It's a very smooth, sweet beer with, no joke, a half pound of malt used per bottle. It's about as strong as wine and very heavy. Although I bought it last fall and winter here, according to the Sam Adams website, it's sale is illegal in several states including Missouri.
Well if I can't get that this winter, another favorite cold weather beer of mine is the Trippel from New Belgium Brewery. This is not a beer tasting beer. At least not by American norms. It's a good one though- very complex and almost strange. It is supposed to be a Belgin style beer afterall.
There are so many good beers out there anymore. It's hard to choose when I go shopping. Leslie's step-dad and I like to get together and talk beers when the opportunity comes up. I should start a beer tasting party. I could plan it on the same nights as the "other" parties that the ladies like to have. You know like, Pampered Chef and whatnot.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

ISS Post

I shouldn't have eaten those cupcakes. Every once in a while someone brings in some garbage for us to eat. This particular time, our counselor's husband who works at the local cupcake factory, brought in some cream filled badness for our gorging pleasure. I did partake. I regret. Now I am tired, heavy feeling, and I'm pretty sure my blood is stuck in traffic. It's weird how when you get away from eating that stuff and you're eating lean and healthy, the times you do get some junk food take an immediate toll on you. Sure did taste good though. Ummm, chocolatety, creamy... I feel like Homer Simpson. Well, I guess with the holidays coming up I better practice getting my eat on because before you know it I'll have a beer in one hand and a cookie in the other.

ISS has been busy lately. Seems people need to try new behaviors that others have gone before and tried. Sort of like mountain climbing, "Well all these other guys tried for the summit and died, but I think I have a shot." ISS is the same, "Well, he didn't make it, but I'll give it a shot." "Oops, no, that didn't work. Now I'm in ISS." It's even easier to get in trouble now because we have video cameras.

I haven't been riding much. In fact I haven't ridden but twice. Those were some sweet rides though. Ozenpro was a bit disappointed when I didn't get dropped repeatedly on my maiden voyage on the new bike. I was wondering why he brought his fixed gear. The only thing I could figure is that he expected me to be slow and weak. Well, spend three months running with high school kids five days a week and you'll stay in pretty good shape too.

Now it's three days since I started this post. Not too much has happened since I started it. We had parent/teacher conferences last night. That's always a blast. I love having some loud guys with bad breath get all up in my grill and tell me about how great the Patriots and Red Sox are for about 4.5 minutes and then save the last 30 seconds of our conversation to talk about his daughter. Oh yeah, and thanks for telling me about your eye surgery and how they had your eyeball all taken out and then shoved back in. Needed that. No, actually the conferences were fine. That one guy just kind of stood out to me for some reason- no idea why.

Tomorrow is the District Cross-Country Meet. The top 15 automatically go to State. I'm hoping for a couple of my team to make it. That would be really cool in the first year of the program. If not, we're done for the year. I'm about ready for a break anyway. Three months of one sport being the only coach is enough. We've had our ups and downs but overall it's been a good season.

Friday, October 05, 2007

It's no mistake...Dave can devistate.

Rap has come a long way from this.
I wonder what Dave is up to these days.
The rest of the bad album covers are here. I find some of them hard to believe.
I think today is my first post from ISS. This place has become more structured and less fun. We have all these new forms to fill out and less time to observe and be amazed at the behaviors.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What I may be for halloween

This could be useful the entire year. I could see myself using this for bike racing in '08. The helmet would be a hard fit.

Speed Poster

I have no
Some people have blogs and no entries. That's not a blog.
Someone stole one of our hanging basket ferns from the front of our house a couple of weeks ago. Those ferns are like my childeren man! I have considered booby trapping the rest of them.
Did my first ride in a year on Sunday. It was very nice. Big Tree, WINDY! Jason and I. Should have been Luke too, but he had other things going on. Riding after having a year off is very strange. I need new bibs.
Leslie and I did a fall scene in front of our house this year. This must be booby trapped too.
Cross-Country is interesting. Why are so many of the meets on Saturday? We've had some good results for a first year team- even a first place out of 114.
Alan, I can't keep up with your blog- holy moly.
I have four minutes...
Uh, uh, oh yeah, we've been "investing" in fall/halloween decor this year. It's fun. I didn't get to do any of that stuff growing up in the cult I was in. No white bread either. Now we have scary stuff around the house- YES!
Check out the smile on Butthead's face on his blog. He doesn't usually look like that.
Oh. Time's up. Ding ding.