Friday, May 15, 2009

Brainwashed Children Visit Columbia

If Columbia wasn't so diverse I guess we wouldn't be lucky enough to attract the attention of those who feel the need to let us know we're all DOOMED! I'd rather live in a town like mine than one where no one cares to protest, march, or assemble because everyone thinks and is the same- or at least pretends to be out of fear. Sort of like the town where I work.
Check out Drew's photos of the latest visitors to Columbia. Here. I wasn't at the march, but I would have liked to have observed it. Probably better I wasn't there- I might be in jail right now. Just can't stand people pushing their morality on me or others.


DrJaySinful said...

That is just sad, those kids are going to grow up being hatemongers and probably end up in jail because of it. I wonder if those protesters realize they look like complete idiots to the rest of us?

Shape and Line said...

i feel poorly for the children, because it is most likely that they dont even have the chance to form their own opinions.