Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Have you seen my keys: Update

Well, about two hours after my last post I got a call from the gym. Some guy brought a set of keys up to the front desk from the "VIP" locker room. He said the keys had been back there for a couple of days and he figured someone would be missing them. So it wasn't a woman and they weren't in a purse. I don't understand how they got in the locker room though. Usually people take the keys off the front desk area when they're leaving. The locker room is back in the gym area. It must have been an old confused man who didn't know if he was coming or going or if he had got his exercise yet or not. I'm just glad to have them back.
Work started yesterday. I was in bed by 8:30 and lights out by 9:00. This will take a little getting used to.
Jason says I need to get a bike. I'm working on it. I may need a donated chamois.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Have you seen my keys?

This post needs no picture. Two days ago I was at the gym. When you walk in there's a place where many people leave their keys. They are just placed in one of two bowls or left just under the bowls on the counter if the bowls are too full. So I leave my keys there along with most everyone else. I don't think I'll be doing that anymore unless I attach a rattlesnake (live) to my key ring. I always check to make sure I get MY keys when I leave. You wouldn't believe how many people there have a Honda. All the key fobs look alike and they all have these giant over sized keys. So you have to be careful. I've actually picked up someone's keys before but since I actually look at the keys carefully before I walk away I correct and get my own. Wouldn't it be great if everyone else did that? I'd sure appreciate it since it's now been two days since I had my keys which include my work keys. Did I mention I go back to work full-time on Monday? Unfortunately, the person who picked up my keys by accident doesn't believe in getting exercise everyday and they have not returned to the gym. What's strange to me and I'm sure you've already thought of this too is that this person with my keys is without theirs. It seems to me they'd get a clue when they can use my keys on their stuff. I also asked the gym staff if any keys had been left. No. So my idea is this: Someone rode to the gym with someone else on their way out they instinctively went to get their keys, picked up mine looking like theirs, got a ride home, left my keys in their bag or whatever, and found theirs at a later point laying on the kitchen counter, and just assumed that's where they put mine when they got home. So my keys are probably resting in purse (yes, I have a feeling a woman did this) somewhere here in town. I can only hope she put my keys in her favorite purse and it gets used in the next couple of hours. I have asked the gym staff to let me know who the person is when my keys come back because I'd really like to talk to the person who need to pay a little more attention to detail. The only positive to this is the lucky fact that just one week before this fiasco started I placed my only remaining spare in one of those magnetic boxes that you attach to the underside of your car. Without that I wouldn't have even been able to get home from the gym without running there or getting a ride- which by the way I had to do the week previous to that when my car key jumped out of my pocket on one of my runs. Yes, keys have been an issue lately.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dis and Dat

I have to get over this thing where I feel the need to post pictures when I want to blog. There's been lots to blog about: Cross-Country, floating, running, shooting, organizing, etc... But here are more pictures. The above is where we camped on the most recent float trip down on the Current River. As far as I've found, the Current River is the best river to float on if you want good scenery and cold, spring fed water. You'll have to leave your beer bong and jello shots at home for this river though because they are trying to improve the level of enjoyment for everyone on the river. This ain't the party cove after all. Moving on...

This is part of the land I'm getting to develop into a cross-country course behind the high school. Uh... it needs some work. It's been brush-hogged, but it needs to have a path mowed into it, smoothed some, and treated for various blood suckers. We started practice on the 6th and used the land but had to quit using it because the ticks were so bad. So over the next couple of years it should turn into something better. Here's a couple more shots of some of the land. The big loop is 1.7 miles around.

This is actually a good hill with my Element at the bottom. It might even make a good cyclo-cross course someday. It'd be cool if Josh could set up a race there sometime in the future. But like I said, it needs work. That's alright though because the runners do too. One kid got dizzy at practice. After a little questioning I found out she hadn't eaten breakfast or dinner the night before because she was too busy. They'll get there though. I took them to a running clinic and for a visit to Dr. Pam of sports nutrition this week. I think they're getting the picture. Much thanks to Pam and Amy for their time. If you have a catchy phrase to put on the T-shirts for cross-country we're going to get done up for the kids, let me know. I was thinking something like "I'm faster than your mama on her way to bingo night at the VFW". Just let me know if you have any ideas.

What the heck kind of bug is this? They were on one of our trees outside this afternoon. Kind of dangerous looking.
Ziggy (below) and Olivia say hi. They're not so much on this heat. The past couple of weeks have been hard times on outside life. We started CX practice just in time for some good triple digits. Luckily, we've been starting practice at 7:00am when it's only about 85 degrees outside. I think we got Dallas, beat on the heat. I'm getting tired of taking three showers a day.
Here's one kind of flower we have that doesn't seem to mind the heat.
Otherwise things are just cruising along. School starts next week. We'll probably get out early some the first week since some of the buildings don't have AC- although they should in the next couple of years.
I've been shooting my bow a lot since bow season starts in a month. I have big plans for the deer this year- I've been shopping for a deep freeze. I can put 3 of 4 arrows in a three inch circle at 30 yards at this point. That should be deadly enough.
I'm ready to have a bike again. Not sure what I'll do about that, but it's been good to be away from it for a while. I'm predicting to do well at the GatewayCup this year since I'll be riding a Vespa. Should be an easy win everyday.