Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Around the House of K.

So now I'm just inspired. Here's some shots from around the house this Christmas. Everything was designed by Leslie or by Leslie and her mom. I did the outside lights. Reminded me of National Lampoons Christmas Vacation getting up there on the roof. Last year, the first year I ever put up Christmas lights in my life, I had some "Witnesses" come by and preach to me while I was hanging the lights. The irony made me laugh.

Empty Hands

I've been sitting here with my hands on the keyboard for a couple of minutes now waiting for the words to start appearing on the screen. It would seem I have blog block. I try to write to an audience sometimes and tell interesting or personally funny stories. Those things keep happening- I just haven't been writing about them for some reason. Maybe it's because I compare my blog to KAL's. His if first class in my opinion. But I'm not trying for the same blog. I guess I should just let it flow.
I could talk about the verbal slap I gave another teacher today. I got pretty angry. The principal walked up, stood there for a second listening, turned about, and walked away. I'm finding it's better for me, and the other party involved if I just go ahead and confront them about whatever I'm pissed about. I'm the kind of guy who holds onto stuff for a long time inside. It's not good for one to do this. I don't like to upset people though so I often don't say anything. I just boil inside and lay sleepless thinking about the problem. I think I solved this issue- and I'm over it. I'm not mad anymore- nor am I holding a grudge. So that's that.
I could also talk about hunting. It's not going so good at this point. Oh, I killed another deer. Unfortunately, it had been shot twice about two weeks prior to our meeting. It was a mercy killing as it turned out. I knew something was wrong as soon as the deer appeared. It looked like the fur on it's back was turned up. I shot and killed the animal. When I approached it, it had a huge chunk missing from it's back and another from its chest. Someone had not been a good shot. It's amazing the strength of these creatures to carry on with such wounds. I have great respect for them. I left the deer where it lay because there was no point in trying to salvage any meat- infection was obvious. I returned to where I shot the deer last weekend. There was nothing but a bare white skeleton left.
Oh, I got a new Element. Very nice and this time Galaxy Grey Metallic! Woooweee! It has some really nice performance upgrades from my '05, and some nice trim upgrades. One thing I'm a little disappointed with is the new five speed transmission. It's nice and smooth but it has a bit of a shift drone just before upshift that bugs me. I've been talking to some folks about it on theeownersclub some of them noticed the same thing. Maybe there will be a recall. I've been making a stink about it to Honda.
My wife started a blog. I'll suggest it to you now. Heretis Good thoughts.
I'm pregnant. No wait, that's not right. I'm not pregnant. Many people are though, so I better get back to saving the universe. Tata.