Saturday, February 28, 2009

F'in Old Man Winter

Gawd! Go away. Enough already. Winter needs to end. This has been a crap winter. Almost no snow, very cold for the most part, and boring. I just walk around my house going, "Bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored, bored." Freakin' sucks! I'm not built for this. I'm built for heat. I'm like a heat sink- long and slim. I disperse heat. Short round folk keep it in. Everything is dead. I like things alive and green. Winter has it's place, but it's worn out it's welcome. Beat it deadbeat!

I look forward to hearing the peep frogs peep. A true sign of spring. Soon enough I guess. March starts tomorrow and with that it's my birthday month and the month spring begins. Bring it. I wish you well on the ides of March.

P.S. Brady, your prize for GCF and LCM is on it's way. Took me a while to collect. You'll get it this week. Yeah!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Winter Float Pictorial

Did my first winter float on the Current River a couple of weeks ago. It was a unique experience. The weather was actually really warm for February- in the 60s during the day and the upper 30s at night. I got kind of cold sleeping but nothing awful. The fishing on the day of the float was bad. We didn't catch a thing and neither did anyone else we came upon during our eight mile trip from Cedar Grove to Akers Ferry. We had a good time and seeing the Current in the dead of winter is very interesting. You can see the hillsides and the way the land lays with the absence of leaves. It's dead quiet too. I didn't take any pictures on the actual float because it was just too risky having the camera out while trying to steer around all the rootwads. I think we saw close to 15 armadillos during the float and pictured below is one that visited our camp the day we got down there.