Thursday, January 29, 2009

I burn my arm (or is that my calf)

Can't tell since they are about the same size. Thanks alot fireplace!

Winter is kind of slow around here.

Didn't seem like much at first. One of those burns that doesn't really hurt. That's because it freakin' killed all the nerves in it's path!

On the heal and looking forward to a cool scar. Way better than a lame lightning bolt on the forehead. You've got nothing Harry...nothing.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Profanity in Fiber

Catchy title. This is my third year being the breakfast supervisor at my school. Basically, my morning consists of making sure I'm in the breakfast/lunchroom every morning by 7:35 when the students are allowed in. Then I get to watch them eat and hopefully clean up any mess they make. You'd be surprised how often they want to leave without cleaning up their area. It's really frustrating. It's like, "Why would you want to leave a mess? That's like taking a crap in the bathtub." So I'm like the breakfast cop. It's not all bad though. Lots of kids come tell me things they otherwise wouldn't since it's an odd time of the day. School hasn't started but they are there and a little more relaxed. Or maybe it's me who's a little more relaxed at that point- not sure. I also get free breakfast everyday and I get paid a whopping $50.00 a month for the job which is about $5.00 an hour.
So we have a big menu at breakfast:
Monday: Pizza
Tuesday: Sausage on a stick wrapped in a pancake (a breakfast corndog! Are you fucking kidding me? No. They even have syrup to dip it in.)
Wednesday: French Toast sticks (holy shit- this is a deep fried heart attack)

Thursday: Biscuits and gravy (THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK FOR BREAKFAST)

Friday: Sausage egg and cheese biscuits (second best day of the week for breakfast)

Now, you must understand this isn't the full menu. There is also a wide variety of juice and cereal. The continental school breakfast if you will. Thrown in with the mix we also have cinnamon toast, yougurt, bagels, oatmeal, and some other better choices.

It's not all as bad as it seems, but I often opt for the cereal with skim milk and a couple of juice cups. So this brings me to my main idea. This morning I got the Raisin Bran. I like this cereal. It's the most healthy of the ones they offer and a guy needs his fiber. So I open the cereal which conveniently comes in it's own bowl. All you have to do is pour on the milk. Well, on this particular day, they should have just called it "Bran". There wasn't one goddamn raisin in the whole goddamn bowl! It was weird and I took it as a bad omen for the day. A day I was giving a test. Fortunately, the test actually went better than expected. So let's see what you know about 6th grade math. I'll send a prize to the first person who can define "GCF" and "LCM" correctly with an example in the comments section. Good luck. This is not a joke- I'll really send you something. You have to say what the letters stand for and give an example of each.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coach "K" on the track

I was just informed via email that I "got the job" for coaching track this year. My reply, "Wow! Well, I knew it was a close race." I thought that was appropriate since I was the only one in the race for the job. The high school has been lacking a full coaching staff for the past several years. Last year I was asked to coach, but I really didn't want to since I was already the cross-country coach. Not to mention the fact that the principal here at the time told me, "If you coach anything else it has to be at this school- not the high school." I was fine with that but the superintendent wasn't and ripped the principal a new one. Then he asked me to coach and I still said no. This year I decided to give it a try because they drastically changed the meet schedule and I also figured if I coached I would take the summer off completely and not work like I did last summer doing construction work.
Next week we start running "open track". Basically, I go run and if any other runners want to come out and run with me they are welcome to. It's basically preseason training. We'll see how it goes. I'm cautiously optimistic. It's going to be a lot of extra work of course, but the money is good, I like running with the kids, and I have a summer totally off to look forward to, and the kids want me to coach- so that makes me feel good. I was told that until I agreed to coach that several kids weren't going to run track because they didn't think it was worth it. I'm not bragging, but it's a pretty cool thing when a kid will come out for a sport just because you're the one who's going to be coaching them.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's new?

Wow! Just made my way back from falling off the earth. It took a lot to get back. Space is big and cold and the lack of gravity takes some getting used to.
A list of events:
Hunted and killed deer

Went to see the Tigers' first loss of the season

Finished another cross-country season

Seduced by brother-in-law's Honda Ridgeline
Traded Element for Ridgeline

Went fishing in Arkansas with Fish and Feather

Caught zero- but still fun
Visit from Santa

Cut and split firewood
Loaded firewood in the Ridgeline
Got Ridgeline stuck in mud and had to get help from a farmer with tractor
Signed up for track coaching
Wondering how that's going to turn out
Currently trying to stay warm