Saturday, June 30, 2007

Just remembered

So when we were down in Mexico, I played some beach volleyball. This is post edge of death sickness- so I wasn't hittin' on all eight to say the least. I pretty much felt like half or a little less. Nonetheless, I tried. Well, there was this couple there from Texas, more than likely Dallas- westend folk. The guy seemed nice enough- kind of quiet and reserved but having a good time. His wife on the other hand was...hmmm....something else shall we say. She thought and dressed like she was every straight man's fantasy. It was just a little over "over the top". She was yelling at the other guys on her team when they'd miss a bump or spike or whatever and acting like she was ready to knock the ball down my throat. But what really stuck with me and still makes me kind of chuckle to think about today is what she kept yelling at her husband. You need to hear this in your head with a heavy Texan accent and think of an older, not really in shape, scantly clad, leather skinned, half buzzed, half naturally obnoxious "lady". She must have yelled to her quiet, reserved husband at least a dozen times, "SPIKE IT TONY!!!!" Yeah well, Tony was about 5'6" and there weren't gonna be no spikin' on this net ya'll. It was about two feet above regulation and he didn't even have the wind in his favor. But... she kept yellin', "SPIKE IT TONY!!!" I'll leave you with another gem she said when he missed a shot. "Well, guess what you're not getting tonight?"

Here's a photo just because:
This is a resort delivery truck. One more drink and I would have taken off on it and let them chase me.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rainy Day Post

It was getting kind of brown and dry around here, so I washed my car yesterday. You're welcome Columbia. No joke- the last time it rained here was the last time I washed my car by hand- pretty ironic.
It's been a month since my last post and it's probably be longer before I posted again but after looking at K.A.'s blog a moment ago I thought I better play a little catch-up. So let's see what's happened in the past month: Went to Mexico- good time except for getting very ill and not leaving our room for about 36 hours. I never really quite recovered the rest of the time we were there. I'd feel better- then worse, better- then worse. I think Leslie and I agree that Jamaica was better. Jamaica is just socially warmer.
I've been running a lot. I did part of the MU cross-country camp this week. I only did one of the runs, but it was a really good one out at Rockbridge State Park. We ran about seven miles and I was able to keep up with the halflings (kids half my age). Other than that it was going to talks on running mechanics and whatnot.
This Sunday I'm going on a camping/float trip with longtime friends, Morgan and Mac. We haven't done anything like this together in about 10 years or more. We're heading down to the Jack's Fork river which is spring fed and in big time Deliverance country. I'm sure we'll quote the movie more than once. You know, "Who's playin' that banjo?" "You got a real pretty mouth on ya. Yer gonna do some prayin' for me." "Take them panties off. Take 'em straight off!" Oh what fun we'll have. Kermit will be glad to know the squirrels will be safe. (inside joke)
I almost went out and bought a bike a couple of days ago. I just felt like riding. So I went out for a long run and got over it. Actually, I would like to get a bike just so I could ride if I wanted to. The problem is that I'd have to get a nice one after always having had nice bikes. That's a big investment I'm not sure I want to make today. We'll see what happens.
Let me see if there are any pictures I want to share... no. See you next time.