Thursday, June 22, 2006


Probably no one will ever read this because it's been so long since I last updated that anyone who wastes their time reading this blog has given up on the posibility of me updating. But I've been busy and the only reason I'm updating now is because I honestly have nothing better to do. This is the first night in several that I'm not working on something around the house until dark. Considering I felt like going to bed at 6:00 tonight I figured I'd just sit for a minute and update this can.
As far as news goes, I've been out of school now for a month and I'm loving it. It's really cool getting up early and sitting on my front porch drinking coffee while watching everyone drive off to work. Riding and racing have taken a back seat this summer because I'm catching up on several years of not having a yard of my own to work on and change into what I want it to be. It's my new obsession. After I get done with big projects around here and move to the maintaining stage, I'll probably pick the bike back up more. It's just not too important to me right now. Of course there's golf too. I'm wanting to start playing that and I have zero experience so that may begin soon.
Here's some pics of what I've been recently working on: This is the old front porch area.
This is the new front porch area. It was a cool project. It's weird how many people stopped by to check out the work and comment on how good it looks. Our postman even stopped, got out of his mailtruck, and came over to check it out. Neato.
Here's the new project on the back. It's still in progress. This is the back patio as it was. Not bad, but kind of in need of some work.

This is the sketch layout of what the size and shape of the new patio will be. About twice the size and with a retaining wall. It will be much better for parties. We also have a deck in the back and I'm going to build a walkway going out to it. That will be right after the patio is finished.

So for other news. My back hurts, one of my cats spent the night in the garage last night. She got out there somehow last night and we didn't know it until this morning. When she came in our other cat was freaked out and hissed at her for about two hours. He probably figured she was out on the town all night messing around on him with other cats. I rode in the rain today. Haven't done that in a while. It started pouring when I was about two blocks away from home. I was already getting wet, so what the hell?
The Tour de Doughnut is in about two weeks and the movie about the race comes out about the same time. Should be funny. Here's a link to the race info.
Bye bye.