Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Monday, May 12, 2008

Time Revisited

I think the last post like this had somewhere around 28 days to go before school was out. Now it's 7.5. Not bad at all, but I get more anxious as it gets closer. It reminds me of getting ready to go on an exciting trip. It's really bizarre having time off in a big chunk like a summer. Not many jobs like it.
Plans for this summer: Part-time job, maybe a couple of bike races, couple of float trips, read a book. Outside of that I intend to play it by ear. I'm going to try not to drive much and either walk or ride as much as I can. A trip to Dallas, and Austin may require some time behind the wheel though.
With the end of the year coming up I think I'm going to try riding my bike to and from work next week after 4th quarter grades are turned in and I don't have anything to teach. I've done the ride home before a couple of times, but I've never done the ride to work. I'm planning on leaving my house about 5:30am. We'll see how that goes. Should make for a good post.